Dark Possession by Christine Feehan

Dark Possession, the sixteenth (!) book in Christine Feehan's Dark Series is an okay read.

The story revolves around MaryAnn Delaney, a counselor for abused women who is unaware that she is much more than just human, and South American Carpathian Manolito De La Cruz. Set in Brazil, readers, already presumably very aware of the Carpathian world created by Feehan by this point in the series, learn about the Jaguar people and also what exactly MaryAnn is. (You can learn what she is from Barnes and Noble.com if you're interested; I just think that's a major spoiler for anyone who plans to read the book.)

MaryAnn is more than a little skittish about becoming involved with such an Alpha male as Manolito, and she also has to cope with learning that she's something other than just human during the course of the book. Manolito has an interesting time coping with the vampires who want to turn him at the same time that he's trying to keep MaryAnn with him.

I absolutely loved the first three books of the Dark Series. Gregori was always my favorite Carpathian, and then the story of Gregori and his lifemate, Savannah Dubrinsky, told in the fourth book, Dark Magic, just didn't "work" for me. I haven't felt the same way about Feehan's Carpathian books since then.

I have to confess that the whole dynamic of the lifemates having no choice about being together is one that I'm not terribly comfortable about with the series as a whole. Somewhat like the concept of the traditional arranged marriage, this idea of Manolito having to convince MaryAnn to love him doesn't appeal to me at all.

My overall personal rating of Dark Possession is a B-.


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