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Here's the list of what President Obama's reading on his current vacation.

And what does it say about our contemporary world that everyone reporting on his reading list seems to think that's too many pages for him to "get through" in a week away?? Ugh. I don't think so!

Never too early to start thinking about Banned Books Week, which is September 26-October 3 this year. Learn more from the ALA (American Library Association) here.

My best friend is a serious fan of Diana Gabaldon and her epic series about Claire and Jamie, so I know what a big deal the release of the next installment on September 22 is for Gabaldon's followers. Learn more about the book from Gabaldon's blog.

My question to you, if you're a Gabaldon fan, is what's your level of excitement about this new release? Do you wish the series had ended with the last book? Are you counting the days until you can get your hands on a copy of the new release?

What have you heard lately that you find interesting or exciting about books or anything related to books? Please share!

And don't forget to leave a comment by Friday, August 28, on my review of Shiver to enter to win my copy.


violetcrush said…
Never read this series, but it definitely looks like something I would love. But I just don't want to start another series. I'm avoiding the Southern Vampire series for the same reason. It's like if you read and like the first book, you add all the books in your TBR :)
SafeLibraries said…
How about a passion for truth. No books have been banned in the USA for about a half a century. See "National Hogwash Week."
Keli said…
I can say with out a doubt I am looking forward to this book! However, I am not as excited about it as in the past because Diana Gabaldon makes you wait a VERY LONG time (I believe I have read this series over again at least 2 time waiting for this book to come out) for her books. AND I felt like she could have left us off right were she did. I will be very interested to see how she keeps Brianna and Roger "alive" to Jamie and Clare and vise verse. Specially with the children...Again I am looking forward to the book, but my hope are not very high...
I politely beg to differ with you, SafeLibraries. Or, possibly not so politely after your throwdown remark about my passion for truth.

Fact: This is my blog, which reflects my thoughts and opinions on books and anything else I choose to blog about. I think that's a pretty clearly held ideal in the blogging world. Oh, and I see the same is true of your blog, where you make your opinion of the ALA, which is not what my blog posting is even about, very clear!

Fact: Ban: To prohibit, especially by official decree. American Heritage Dictionary.

Fact: Books are challenged regularly. Some challenges are successful. If a book is removed from a class reading list, class assignment, or public or school library JUST because it is challenged, that is a ban OR REMOVAL BY OFFICIAL DECREE of that particular book in that specific library or system.

Fact: The United States is not the center of the world. There are other countries where multiple books are not allowed, banned by official government decree, and where a reading choice can lead to imprisonment.

You say "hogwash." I say "I wish we lived in a world where book banning was hogwash--where diversity of thought and freedom of speech were basic rights."

On that note, feel free to comment on my blog any time you like under the tenets of freedom of speech, and because I enjoy hearing others' opinions, whether they agree with me or no. Since this is my blog, though, if you want to question someone's commitment to truth, or anything else, why don't you save that for your own blog--or, novel concept, someone you actually know?
Violet & Keli, I read the first book in the Gabaldon series, liked it well enough, and moved on to the second. There was something like a twenty-year gap (it has been a while, so that's a guess on the number) in Jamie's world at the start of the second book. That so-o-o didn't work for me, so I didn't get very far in the second book.

I certainly wish I happened to be a published author with Gabaldon's kind of following, though.

As a reader, I would much rather read a stand-alone book and not get sucked into a series.
SafeLibraries said…
Medical Librarian, my "throwdown remark about [your] passion for truth" was merely a playful play on words--those of your own blog's name, "A Passion for Books." I meant nothing else other than that. The untruth is in "Banned Books Week" (Thomas Sowell originally called it "National Hogwash Week," not me), not in what you have said or written. To the extent you have taken offense thinking I meant something different, I obviously did not write clearly enough, and for that I apologize. Cool?

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