Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks

Although I've often looked at her books in stores, Sweet Persuasion is my first reading of a Maya Banks book, and I don't think I'll rush to read another one by her.

Serena James is the owner of Fantasy Incorporated, a woman who has spent her career making the (nonsexual) fantasies of her clients come true. She seeks assistance from Damon Roche, a friend of a friend and the owner of a very successful private BDSM club, in finding someone to make her personal fantasies of being a submissive come true. After meeting Serena and reading her explicit letter about her exact fantasies, Damon offers to be Serena's dominant partner.

Of course, Damon really wants a woman who can become his permanent submissive. Is Serena that woman? Or will they go their separate ways at the end of her fantasy?

There was actually quite a bit more substance to this book than I expected. The reader learns a lot about Serena. That being said, the sex scenes are also very graphic and left me feeling uncomfortable. I think this book is definitely more for a reader very into the whole BDSM subgenre, and that reader just isn't me!

My overall personal rating of Sweet Persuasion is a C.


Violet said…
I have seen this book and really liked the premise.

I think this falls into the Erotica Genre although I'm not very sure.

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