Remaking America's Health-Care System, The Lancet

The current issue of The Lancet, based out of London and one of the top medical journals, has a one-page editorial titled Remaking America's Health-Care System that is worth a read.

The most revealing factual information:

"The cost of the current U.S. health system is astronomical--$2.5 trillion a year (the highest in the world)--comprising a fifth of the nation's economy and roughly $6600 spending per person. A third of every U.S. dollar spent on health is lost to bureaucracy."

Access is available to this editorial free of charge after registering at the site, or let me know, and I can e-mail a copy to you.

As an aside, I'm a Democrat, very liberal on many issues, yet not a fan of President Obama. While I'm not completely sold on the President's healthcare reform package, I strongly believe something needs to be done. Too many Americans are suffering physically, mentally, and financially because they are either uninsured or underinsured.

And, yes, I believe adequate healthcare is a basic human right. There's essentially no excuse for not providing healthcare for everyone in a country as wealthy as the United States--along with taxpayer-funded public education, police and fire services, public libraries, etc. that we already have.

What do you think?


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