Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice

Oh, the fun of wakening yesterday, release day, to find my much-anticipated copy of Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice waiting in my Kindle. I absolutely love the instant gratification of the Kindle, and I can't repeat that often enough!!

Viktor "Drake" Drakovich is a billionaire--ruthless, lived on the streets as a kid, and now living a life surrounded by security and luxury. His fascination with artist Grace Larsen's creations on the gallery wall lead to a fascination with the artist herself. Content to secretly watch Grace during her twice-monthly visits to the art gallery, from whom Drake buys all of her work, of course, his interest is brought into the open when Drake's new enemy targets Grace to get to him.

This story reads a lot like Rice's Sequestered in the collection Secrets, Volume 9: The Best in Women's Erotica. (See my review here.) I enjoyed Sequestered, so seeing the story with different characters in a longer version is a plus to me. And, yes, Drake is certainly at least as much of a bad boy as Nicholas, if not more.

Actually, that brings me to the point that bothers me a bit about Dangerous Passion. Drake is a gun dealer. A world-class, billionaire gun dealer. Wow. Just a tad off-putting in a romantic hero. And I thought my drug dealer in the YA novel I'm writing might be a hard-sell.

Still, if you're a fan of Rice's, this story won't be at all disappointing. Usual warning, too--graphic sex scenes, as always with Rice.

My overall personal rating of Dangerous Passion is an A-.


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