Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels--Free Download

As part of the Harlequin Ambassadors program, I just received an e-mail with a free download of Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch, a Harlequin Intrigue by B.J. Daniels, to read and share with friends and family.

Here's the description from the e-mail message:

"After Hudson Savage betrayed her, Dana Cardwell hoped never to lay eyes on the seductive cowboy again. But now Dana's life is on the line and Hudson will do whatever it takes to keep Dana close and safe--even if it means risking his own heart for a second chance for both of them. . . ."

Let me know by September 10th if you would like me to forward a copy of the e-mail with the free download attached to you. After the 10th, I'll be deleting the e-mail from my inbox.


Violet said…
Damn...I am late. Guess you might have deleted the email by now.

My fault for being late with going thru' the google reader.
Violet, just let me know your e-mail address, and I'll send the message with the free download to you. You can leave your e-mail address here, or send it to me at

Happy reading! :)

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