13 Current Loves

[Thinking concrete, materialistic kinds of love--not people or dogs or sunshine or playing in the park kinds of love.]

1. The bookmark my sister sent me from their trip to Hawaii. "Aloha from the land of many Waterfalls" with four photos. Lovely. Plus a ton of postcards--and even some letters. I finally found an upside to the fact that my sisters pack for trips like they won't be returning home for a year; she wrote in part to cut weight because of the current airline restrictions.

2. My new Marucca purse. My exact fabric isn't on the site, but here's the general idea of what I have. I have a black fabric with pink and beige designs. I think Maya has kept her hands off the purse because it's not bright and sparkly. Whew.

3. My Kindle. Can't say that too often. Love it!

4. Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice. There's nothing better than when a long-awaited book actually meets your expectations.

5. bing from Microsoft. Truly a better search experience than Google, though a recent study shows that, while more people prefer bing, they aren't making the switch. Nothing like habit and doing what's comfortable.

6. NBC's new show The Philanthropist. And not just because I could happily have James Purefoy sit in a corner of my living room, somewhere that I could look at him and his ironic, handsome smile every so often, for the rest of my life. Seriously, Herb, I wouldn't touch!

7. Throw It in the Bag by Fabolous, featuring The Dream. Totally stuck in my head right now.

8. The new Mercedes E350. Oh, I want, want, want one. And I won't be getting one.

9. Public Enemies. For whatever reason, I'm the only person I know who really loved this movie. Go figure.

10. Dippin' Dots. I'm currently addicted to the chocolate, and I don't even like chocolate ice cream!!

11. Crayola Twistables Crayons. Maya loves these.

12. The Love Bird Necklace from Nelle & Lizzy. Matching ones for Maya and me in honor of starting kindergarten this month.

13. The Watch People Shop map at The Book Depository.


Calico Crazy said…
Neat list of loves.
sherilee said…
Great list. You've inspired me to go check out bing... I've been meaning to, but my Google habit has prevailed (apparently I'm one of "those" people!).

And my Kindle makes me very happy too!

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jillconyers said…
Fun list. I'm off now to Goodreads to check out Dangerous Passion. Always on the lookout for good book.
Great list - I love bing too and I'd definietely take that Mercedes if someone gave it to me!
Seher said…
ohh i m jealous of the objects of ur love ;l)

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