In the News and On My Mind--July 27, 2009

My daughter, Maya, is having surgery on Wednesday (July 29), so don't expect much in the way of postings from me for the next week or two. Postings or coherency.

Here's what I've been reading about lately related to the world of books:

--RIP, E. Lynn Harris. The author, famous for his portrayals of gay African-Americans, a little-seen lifestyle in any media format, died while on tour to promote his latest book. He was only 54. Check his author site for more information about his books.

--Here's Barnes & Noble's answer to Amazon's Kindle--a free eReader for reading eBooks on your iPhone, Blackberry, or personal computer. There's also a Plastic Logic reader, direct competition for the Kindle, coming in partnership with Barnes & Noble in early 2010. See here for B & N's store and here for the coverage from The Washington Post. [Sad to say that I still have to go through Amazon for all of my Kindle downloads; the B & N site can't be used with Kindle. Now that would be nice if I could because the more options for titles and points of purchase, the better for the reader. No, that would be too easy and require cooperation rather than competition on the parts of the Big Bookstores. Sigh.]

--Want to have your book sales go through the roof? If you can't get chosen as an Oprah Book Club selection, pray for a movie deal. The current New York Times Bestseller List for Paperback Trade Fiction includes The Time Traveler's Wife and My Sister's Keeper. And I can only imagine how much sales for the Twilight Series have been helped by the Big Screen.

--I enjoyed this blog posting from Sketchy Details on the Alice Hoffman Twitter controversy.

--Hope you're reading something you love this summer. Anyone have any suggestions for my TBR pile? Please let me know!


Cindy said…
Hope everything is okay? I will keep you in my thoughts and send good vibes your way.
Thanks, Cindy! She's having her tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes placed in both ears. All "routine," but--ugh. I'm worried!!

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