13 Thoughts, Comments, & Questions on Kindle

1. Is there a way to determine a corresponding page for the print edition of a book (if there is a print edition)? I'm feeling a little lost by not having a page to identify where I am, where I want to go, and where I've been in my reading. Apparently, I like knowing how many pages long a book I've just read is, too, and word count just doesn't "feel" the same to me. Who knew page numbering was a crutch for me??

2. Why isn't there a lighting system with the Kindle? Just like you can use a computer while sitting in a darkened room, I would like to be able to read my Kindle. Nope, no internal lighting system that I can find. (Please let me know if I'm wrong about this. I would love to be wrong.)

3. The instant gratification is truly addictive. I can order an item either directly from my Kindle or a computer that arrives by wireless delivery on my system in less than a minute. With Amazon's one-click ordering process, I don't even have to complete any fields for information about payment.

4. The instant gratification can be a problem. With $9.99 as the highest Kindle price for a book, it's pretty easy to fall into a spending spree. While each item is cheaper than a print copy, the prices can still add up fairly quickly.

5. Of course, not every book is available for Kindle. I found myself thinking about a book that I sort of want to read, but don't expect to enjoy enough to keep longterm, "Ugh. I have to buy a print copy now or track one down at the library?"

6. The Kindle is almost too cute. Maya, my five-year-old daughter, wants to "play" with my Kindle, and I can just see one drop on our ceramic tile floor being the end of this expensive "toy."

7. As much as I love using my Kindle, I think the price tag is a little out of line, especially since Amazon is then the source for the product and the downloads. I think they could make the "machine" much cheaper and still make a lot of money--maybe even more with more people willing to buy one.

8. I almost wish I had bought an i-Phone since I see there's a Kindle application available for that now. Anyone using Kindle through your i-Phone and liking it?

9. I honestly don't think I would miss physical books if I moved to a Kindle-only reading format. I notice the frustrations of books more now--not lying flat, sitting around accumulating dust, etc.

10. I haven't gone on a plane with my Kindle, but someone else noted one of the disadvantages is that you can't read when they say to turn off all electronics. Makes sense.

11. A tip I read for extending the battery life is to turn off the wireless capability when you aren't downloading items. Again, makes sense.

12. I can't see ever reading children's books on a Kindle. The illustrations are such an important part, possibly the most important part, of picture books. The Kindle is a bit blah by comparison--all silver machine, and black-and-white illustrations.

13. Overall, I'm a big, big, big fan of Kindle and a complete convert for all of the items available for download for my personal and professional reading.


Sherrie said…
I have heard of these, but think I still like the feel of a book in my hands. Have a great day!

JO said…
I think I prefer books.

Happy TT.

Here's mine.
All of your downsides are why I haven't bought the Kindle -- and I've a few others, too. I'd really like an e-reader; I'm leaning Sony or BeBook right now, myself.

Feel free to find my book on Kindle, btw. It's about half the $9.99 price, if that's an enticement... Plus, you know the author!
Rekaya Gibson said…
Your list is interesting.
I'm on the fence about
the Kindle. Thanks for sharing.

Rekaya Gibson, Author
The Food Temtpress
Yvette Kelly said…
My "page back" button doesn't work but I waited so long for mine I am absolutely not returning it.
The lighting issue is for help on the eyes.If it was backlit ti would be the same straing as you get with a computer screen.They do sell little light gadgets that you attach to your kindle.
My biggest negative with my kindle is the fact that I can't read while bathing.and YES the money I am spending because it's so easy to buy.I do think the kindle books could be a bit cheaper!!

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