Secrets, Volume 9: The Best in Women's Romantic Erotica

Secrets, Volume 9: The Best in Women's Romantic Erotica includes stories from Kimberly Dean, Kathryn Anne Dubois, Bonnie Hamre, and Lisa Marie Rice.

The inclusion of Rice's Sequestered prompted me to purchase the Kindle download. As usual, Rice didn't disappoint in her story of gangster-turned-successful business man Nicholas Lee and sweet Isabelle Summerby. I would have loved to read a full-length novel about them, especially since Nicholas is the most "bad boy" hero I've ever seen from Rice.

Dean's Wanted is about a Dani, a computer whiz falsely accused of being a spy, and the Special Agent chasing her. What happens when he finally finds her working in a strip club after six months of chasing her and exchanging nightly messages via computer?

Hamre's Flights of Fantasy is about Chloe, forced to go on a cruise arranged by a former college classmate that she doesn't even recognize. Throw in the two men that Chloe was the most serious about in her past, there on his orders, and you have the makings of a very interesting erotic cruise.

Although I actually enjoyed all four stories, unusal for me with a collection, my favorite was Dean's Wild About You, a modern-day twist on the Tarzan-Jane story.

Warning: Some of the sexual descriptions are very graphic in these stories.

My overall personal rating of Secrets, Volume 9 is a B+.


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