No Dress Rehearsal by Marian Keyes

No Dress Rehearsal by Marian Keyes is the story of Lizzie, who runs into a car while on her bicycle and, although she doesn't realize it, dies. There follows some odd (lack of) interactions with her live-in boyfriend, people on the phone, and co-workers before two spirits who help with the transition of the dead tell her what has happened.
I'm a huge Marian Keyes fan. I love Watermelon and Anybody Out There? I think I might have loved No Dress Rehearsal if it hadn't been so, well, short. I was just getting into the drift of the story when, boom, everything was done.

Buying this as a Kindle download, I didn't realize, as I would have while holding a physical book, that No Dress Rehearsal is much more a novella than a book. Drat. For a $7.96 download, I expected more story.
My overall personal rating of No Dress Rehearsal is a C.


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