Update on My Writing

I'm still plugging away on my own writing.

I'm in the middle of writing Claimed, a Young Adult novel about a teenage girl who becomes involved with an adult gang leader. I'm at 14,897 words (thank you, word count), and my goal is to have 30-35,000 total.

The first half of the critique from a published author that I won through an online charity auction arrived in last Monday's e-mail. I admit that I was pretty devastated on the first read-through, probably in part because I was so sick with the flu at that point. After just re-reading her comments, I'm feeling much better. I think she made some excellent suggestions that I needed to hear, and she also made positive remarks that I glossed over the first time I read her message. Yes, leave it to me to focus on the negative! She was actually very kind and encouraging.

I'm not sure I was emotionally ready for the constructive criticism part of the critique, sick or not, but I do appreciate her comments and suggestions for changes. I'm just not looking forward to the major rewrite for the second draft!

My plan now is to finish the first draft of the YA book, and then I'll go back to do a rewrite on the romance novel, Marriage Material for Nico.

I'll keep you updated!


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