Recent Covers I Really Like

Vision in White by Nora Roberts. I haven't read a book by Nora Roberts in years, and I probably won't return with this one. Who doesn't love a princess dress, though?
Stargazer by Claudia Gray. I like what Gray has going with the covers for this series. Evernight was in red.

Columbine by Dave Cullen. Zero interest in reading this work of nonfiction. I love the way the sky dominates the school on the cover, though.

The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite by David A. Kessler, M.D. While this isn't yet in my TBR pile, I have no doubt it needs to be. I like the contrast of the carrot cake and the carrots.
Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg. I don't have any plans to read this book, but I really like the cover with the bird seeming to peck at the egg.

Lover Avenged (Book 7 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series) by J.R. Ward. Just picked this one up in hardcover at Target on Friday. No comment needed beyond, "HULLO!
The Shack by William Paul Young. Still in my TBR pile. I like the way the light shines from above, very eye-catching.


Molly said…
I love looking at the covers of books. I enjoyed all the ones you selected - but I think my most favorite is Nora Roberts.
Paul Young’s book The Shack has been praised as a masterpiece and condemned as heresy but never ignored.
Anonymous said…
I noticed the Nora Roberts book too. Most of her books have basic covers with huge fonts. But this one really stands out.

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