Pet Peeves--Reprints

I realize that publishers are all about making money. Particularly in the current economy, they want to publish works by authors that provide an "automatic purchase" for a certain segment of readers. And how better to make money than to issue a reprint of a previous bestseller?

The part I find annoying is that publishers don't seem to mind whether buyers are "tricked" into purchasing an older book as new. Most of the book covers don't clearly state that the book is a reprint or reissue--or some sort of word or phrase that indicates "Hey, you; you may already have read this book before."

At one point, every Christine Feehan book released seemed to be a reprint of an earlier book with a different cover. At least I had read the original releases recently enough to realize from just reading the blurbs on the backs that I had already read them!

I just walked into a reprint surprise with my recent purchase of And the Desert Blooms by Iris Johansen. While I don't remember reading the book before, I kept thinking the book didn't sound right. Nothing seemed contemporary. I finally thought to check the publication information, and, yep, the book is a 2008 reprint of a 1986 book. While that is fairly obvious on, say, Barnes &, where the book is labeled Mass Market Paperback--Reprint, that isn't obvious when making the purchase in a physical store.

The bottom line is that I don't like wasting time and money on purchasing a book that I've read before.

Have you ever accidentally bought a reprint? Do you find the practice annoying and/or frustrating?


Violet said…
I understand your frustation. I haven't ever bought a reprint. But I do get confused anyway with authors that write too many books with the same theme. Like Nora Roberts. I don't remember how many times I have accidently checked out an already "read" book. I have to resort to keeping lists.

My rambling aside, I do think I've seen a couple of reissued books but it was mentioned on the back cover.
That's a good point, too, about the recurring themes for some authors.

I would have felt better if the Johansen book had indicated something, even in tiny print, about being a reprint on the front or back cover. Nope.

Also, they didn't even update the author note, which would have been another place to note something like "When this was originally published in 1986. . . ."

I could rant for days on this subject. LOL

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