One Night with You by Sophie Jordan

Sophie Jordan is very successful at creating interesting characters, and One Night With You doesn't disappoint.

Widowed and living as little more than a nanny to her dead husband's brother's daughters, Lady Jane Guthrie is miserable. After fifteen months of officially mourning a man that she never loved, Jane, with a little help from her friends, goes to a party disguised as Aurora, a woman looking for fun.

Spurned years earlier by Jane's (evil) sister Madeline, Lord Seth Rutledge has returned from war to care for his sister Julianne, blinded in their youth by an accident for which Seth blames himself, and claim the title that his cousin has been trying to obtain since the deaths of Seth's father and older brother. His goal is to find a wife who can stand looking at his scarred face and who will take care of Julianne if something should happen to him.

Seth finds himself attracted to two women at once--the mysterious Aurora and his childhood best friend Jane. After Jane, in her Aurora guise, allows herself one night of passion at Vauxhall with Seth, she becomes pregnant.

Can Seth overcome the heartbreak he suffered at Madeline's hands and guilt about Julianne in order to form a true relationship with Jane? Can Jane overcome her own bitterness at not being Seth's choice years ago and her horrible first marriage in order to form a true relationship with Seth?

I'm a sucker for stories where a long-time, unrequited love is finally rewarded.

I also enjoyed sections with Julianne, including her romance with Seth's friend and valet, Gregory. I would have enjoyed an entire book based around their relationship.

I also would have enjoyed some painful retribution for Jane's in-laws, who treated her poorly and stole the money left to her by her first husband. I guess their ongoing unhappiness and running out of money provide some punishment.

My overall personal rating of One Night With You is a B+.


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