Secrets of Surrender by Madeline Hunter

Okay, this isn't a true review because I just couldn't get into Secrets of Surrender by Madeline Hunter, and I didn't read the majority of the book. There are so many books in my TBR pile that I'm not wasting my time on books I don't appreciate on some level.

Basic story--The book begins with Roselyn Longworth, fallen from her place of privilege due to the fact that her brother has stolen a great deal of money from various members of society, at a party with her lover of one month, Lord Norbury. Roselyn is miserable because the house party is for those of rank and common whores, not their mistresses or wives. And Lord Norbury had expected her to do something of horror (what?) in the bedroom the previous night. Since she refused, he's peeved. And he's a vindictive, spoiled jerk, which she didn't realize before.

Really? She knew so little from general society about Lord Norbury that she thought being his mistress would be a walk in the park? She had no idea that he could be one of the people from whom her brother stole money? Well, he is, and he wants some revenge.

Enter our hero, Kyle Bradwell, who bids a ridiculous amount of money when Lord Norbury decides to auction Roselyn off to the highest bidder at the party. Of course, Kyle is only bidding to "save" Roselyn, not to carry through on what Lord Norbury is intending. And Kyle just happened to be invited to stay for the evening because he's doing some work with Lord Norbury, not because he's a peer of the realm.
You can see that Lord Norbury's going to want some revenge on more than just Roselyn now.

I just couldn't get into the story, so I flipped to the end of the book. I wasn't really thrilled with the ending, either, so I didn't bother with the numerous pages between.

I've read, and greatly enjoyed, other books by Madeline Hunter. I'll try again due to her well-written, very developed characters and plots. Secrets of Surrender just wasn't the book for this particular reader.
Anyone else read and like (or not like) the book?


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