You're So Vein by Christine Warren

You're So Vein, the story of Ava Markham and Vladimir "Dima" Rurikovich, is the seventh in The Others series by Christine Warren.

Dima and Ava meet when he saves her from an attack by a rogue vampire. The only way to save her from dying, of course, is to complete the conversion process, something Ava wouldn't have chosen on her own.

Was Ava a random victim, or was she chosen for a specific reason? And how does she deal with becoming a vampire, one of the creatures she despises? What lengths will Dima go to in order to keep Ava close to him long enough to teach her about being a vampire?
Ava is a strong, opinionated, wise-cracking heroine, and she shines in this novel. Although Dima plays more of the "straight man" role, he comes across as Alpha male enough to handle the challenge of dealing with Ava and her ingrained cynicism, caution, and veneer of brittle self-confidence.

There is also time with characters from past books in The Others series, providing a nice chance for updates on their relationships without detracting from the focus on the Ava-Dima relationship.

My overall personal rating of You're So Vein is a B-.


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