Barbie & The Beast by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Yes, I seem to be stuck on a Beauty & the Beast theme, and Barbie & The Beast by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is likely my least favorite retelling.

Barbie Bradley and her best friend Angie go to a singles party, only to learn that the address they've been given leads to a cemetery. After an encounter in complete darkness between Barbie and Darin Russell, cemetery protector and, for three days a month, werewolf, Barbie leaves her number for Darin in the parking lot.

When Barbie and Darin meet face-to-face, she can't believe someone so perfect could still be single. And Darin isn't too eager to share his shape-shifting secret because he's hoping that Barbie is The One.

At a certain point, I just kept reading to learn how long Barbie would have to wait to learn about Darin's werewolf side. Too late in the telling for my taste, and then the book just seemed to end rather suddenly--oh, after setting the stage for a book about Angie. A book I won't be reading.

My overall personal rating of Barbie & The Beast is a C-.


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