Although I'm not fond of series, I seem to be finding more and more of them I enjoy. Moonlight Warrior is the first book in Janet Chapman's Midnight Bay Series. And I'm hoping for a long series now.

Eve Anderson, recently single and living with her mother, Mabel, who is having memory problems, meets Kenzie Gregor in the local bank. New to town, Kenzie is handsome, rich, and speaking with a Scottish accent. What woman could resist, especially when Eve becomes Kenzie's housekeeper in order for them to stay at Mabel's home, which Kenzie has bought from Mabel's deceased boyfriend's brother?

Besides the usual romance, Chapman provides an especially tender, well-formed character in Mabel. According to the author note, the portrayal of Mabel and Eve and Mabel's relationship as Eve seeks to care for her mother is drawn from Chapman's own experiences. That's probably why the portrayal is so resonating.

Moonlight Warrior is full of witty dialogue and interesting supporting characters, including Eve's best friend, Maddy, and Kenzie's friend William, a man cursed by a witch to be a dragon. The way that William's curse is broken is, to say the least, heartwarming and not what I expected.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

p.5-6: "If ye mean do I have enough money to get by, I suppose you could say that."
Mabel leaned closer. "Then I should warn you, Kenzie, that every unattached female in Midnight Bay will be showing up on your doorstep, casserole in hand, the minute word gets out that a wealthy man has moved to town." Her eyes sparkled. "Your being handsome won't hurt, either. Nor will that charming Scottish accent of yours."

Daar snorted again, and Mabel gave him a glare.

"Will your daughter bring me a casserole?" Kenzie asked, having absolutely no idea what a casserole was, but quite intrigued by the idea. "I did not see a ring on her finger."

Mabel gave a small laugh. "Sorry, but you'd probably starve to death waiting for Eve to show up on your doorstep. She swore off men when she divorced two months ago." Her expression turned sad. "It'll be years, I'm afraid, before she'll ever trust another man."

"Your daughter was married?" Kenzie remembered how delicate she'd looked. "Was she forced to divorce him because he abused her?"

Mabel looked surprised, then laughed. "Oh, good mercy, no. Parker wouldn't have dared lay a hand on her. Eve might appear all soft and feminine, but only a suicidal idiot would mess with her. No, Parker ran off with all their savings and their neighbor's wife after Eve suggested I move down to Boston to stay with them."

You can learn more about the series at Chapman's site:

My overall personal rating of Moonlight Warrior is an A-.


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