13 Sentences that Mark the Beginnings of the Books I'm Writing

Marriage Material for Nico

Cara spared a brief glance for the tall, dark man standing alone at the edge of the party before focusing on the wall behind him and rapidly crossing the room to fling herself into his arms. She quickly closed her eyes after catching only a glimpse of strong, chiseled jaw and firm, full lips and just before his arms closed around her, lifting her from the floor, and his lips fastened on hers in a hard, almost violent, kiss of sheer possession. In return, she had no choice other than one driven by instinct to grasp the lapels of his crisp, elegant jacket while kissing him back with a hunger she suddenly didn’t need to fake.

As the kiss finally ended when he slowly lifted his head, Cara had no desire to leave his arms. With a sigh, she forced her eyes to open after realizing that the room, filled with the soft sounds of upper-echelon acquaintances conversely politely, occasional laughter, and delicate nibbling and heavy drinking when she originally entered, had gone silent. Game time.


I don’t really know why you think hearing about Him from me is going to help you. If you want me to write down everything I can remember about my time at The Home, I can do that, but don’t expect any big revelations or surprises. In some ways, you probably know more about Him than I do.

Or maybe you think that knowing more about me will tell you more about Him. Maybe you’re right.

All I can do is tell you my story. What you do with it is on you.


Kristi said…
those are some great 1st sentences!
perpstu said…
Keep writing, those are excellent beginnings! Happy TT!
Brenda ND said…
Nice first sentences. One book that helps me compose opening sentences is called, Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers at Page One & Never Lets Them Go". It's by Les Edgerton.
Rims said…
wow very nice narrative I could visualize and relate instantly...keep it up!

Happy TT!
You're off and running, that's for sure. Which book are you focusing on and planning to finish first?

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