Taken and Seduced by Julia Latham

Set in 1486, Taken and Seduced by Julia Latham begins with the kidnapping of Lady Florence by Adam Hilliard, actually the Earl of Keswick, his brother Robert, and a helper. Adam is seeking to avenge the deaths nineteen years previously of his parents by kidnapping their murderer's only remaining unmarried daughter. The goal is to then challenge and kill Florrie's father.

Fairly quickly, Florrie, who doesn't know Adam's motive for seeking revenge against her father, realizes the men won't hurt her. She actually sees traveling across the country to London with them as her only chance at an adventure because her father plans to send her to a nunnery once he no longer has need of her.

Very light on sex, there is a great deal of friendly banter between characters, giving the reader a chance to know and appreciate Florrie and Adam and what they have in common.

If you like historical romances, I highly recommend this book to you.

My overall personal rating of Taken and Seduced is a B.


Melissa said…
Nice review, it sounds interesting!

BTW, I have a little something for you at my blog, you can pick it up here.

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