My Immortal Knight: Twice Bitten by Delilah Devlin

My Immortal Knight: Twice Bitten by Delilah Devlin is a compilation of two separate, though connected, stories, All Hallows Heartbreaker, the story of Emmaline Harris and Dylan O'Hara, and Love Bites, the love triangle story of Darcy Henry, Joe, and Dylan's best friend, Quentin Albemarle.

In All Hallows Heartbreaker, Emmy goes to a Halloween party at the request of her best friend, Monica, who has brought her to be a snack for evil vampire Nicky. When Alpha vampire Dylan and his best friend Quentin intervene, Dylan cements Nicky's desire to have Emmy through his own declaration of interest in her. In order to keep Emmy safe, Dylan is "forced" to take her home with him, where Quentin stays with them for added protection.

In Love Bites, Quentin is on the hunt for Nicky when he becomes involved with a special police unit that at first mistakes him for a vampire serial killer (Nicky). Quentin then joins forces with the unit to pursue Nicky. Quentin becomes involved with mortal police officer Darcy, who also becomes involved with her mortal police partner, Joe.

Although I enjoyed both stories, I'm never very fond of sex between a human and a vampire when the human doesn't realize the partner is a vampire, as happens with Emmy and Dylan. Darcy's sudden physical involvement with Joe, who has been in love with her for years, when Quentin enters her life was a little weird for me, too, but maybe I'm just being a prude!

WARNING: Very explict, steamy sex scenes.

My overall personal rating of My Immortal Knight: Twice Bitten is a B.


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