Midnight Angel by Lisa Marie Rice

Midnight Angel by Lisa Marie Rice is the story of Allegra Ennis, talented musician who recently lost her vision in a traumatic attack, and Douglas Kowalski, the former Navy SEAL and new business partner for John Huntington from Rice's Midnight Man. Allegra is also best friends with Midnight Man's Suzanne Barron and Midnight Run's Claire Parks.

Allegra is a talented, physically beautiful woman with the emotional scars from her attack, when her father was also killed, and a lack of acceptance about her blindness. Douglas hasn't ever had a serious relationship and considers himself ugly. Part of the charm of the book is that neither can truly believe the other is interested in something lasting with him/her.

I'm a sucker for scarred, tragic men finding the One True Love. Yep, this is a version of the Beauty & the Beast fairy tale.

Even though I enjoyed reading Midnight Angel, my favorite of the Midnight Series is Midnight Man. I would also say the series is my favorite of Rice's books.

And where is the fourth book in the Midnight Series, which I would like to see as Jacko's story? He's the scariest-looking employee of John and Douglas' security business. Of course, Allegra, Suzanne, and Claire don't have a fourth friend in their group, so I suspect I'm out of luck.
WARNING: The book contains some sexually explicit writing.

My overall personal rating of Midnight Angel is a B.


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