Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines

Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines is the free Harlequin Superromance I received as a Harlequin Ambassador. I kept a copy to read and review when I distributed the other copies in the waiting areas at the hospital where I work.

Thinking her fiance Joe has postponed setting a wedding date for long enough, Casey Greene surprises him on a new, live wedding-related reality show. Casey has second thoughts, trying to bolt, leading to a quick meeting with television station mogul Adam Carmichael, who assures her that she's doing the right thing. Given the chance to marry Casey immediately, Joe turns her down, saying he doesn't love her. Wanting to prevent a ratings meltdown and the alienation of an important advertiser, plus feeling a bit guilty about telling her to go ahead, Adam steps in and marries Casey in what they believe is a fake wedding.

Of course, the wedding is real, and they decide to live together during the time needed to arrange an annulment. Throw in that Adam needs to be married under the terms of his late father's will, Adam's matchmaking stepmother, and Casey's overly-dependent family, and you have a nice family drama.

Married by Mistake is cute, sweet reading. Nothing too sexy, stressful, or complicated. I was actually more interested in the sparks between Adam's father's widow, Eloise, and Adam's attorney, Sam than the ones between Adam and Casey.
This isn't a book I would have ever chosen to read while browsing at the library or bookstore.

My overall personal rating of Married by Mistake is a C+.


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