Dark Enchantment by Janine Ashbless

Dark Enchantment by Janine Ashbless is a collection of vignettes about themes such as romance, love, sex, and betrayal.

I enjoyed the variety in the collection. Ashbless covers vastly different time periods and cultures in her various stories. There are quite a few memorable characters included.

My favorite story is about the girl who goes to live in a cemetery after running to escape the mob that killed her father. Or was that really what happened?

A close second is the story about the owner of an estate who takes his unknowing friend to spend the night there. One of the estate owner's ancesters seduced and then refused to marry a daughter from a neighboring estate in times past, and she drowned herself the next day, also the morning of his wedding to another woman. Since that time, male descendants have all died when trying to live on the estate. With the departure of the most recent renters, the estate owner wants to live there with his soon-to-be bride, so he takes his friend there to prove that living there will be safe for him. What happens during the night the two friends spend there?

WARNING: Some of the stories contain very explicit sexual content. [There's one scene I'm positive has to be physically impossible!!!! When I asked my husband what he thought about the probability of that happening, he asked, "What kind of porn are you reading now?" LOL]

My overall personal rating of Dark Enchantment is an A.


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