13 Personal Selections for "Bests"

Best Dog Breed: Rottweiler

Best Break-up Song: So What by Pink

Best Movie Soundtrack: Purple Rain by Prince

Best Book: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Best Onscreen Kiss: John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man

Best Vacation Ever: Israel & Jordan, February 2000

Best President in My Lifetime: Bill Clinton

Best Restaurant: Maria Teresa in Albuquerque, NM

Best Dream Vacation: Italy & Paris with Shon, Amanda, & Liz in 2011

Best Concert: George Thorogood & the Delaware Destroyers, 1986

Best Dessert: Mom's rhubarb pie

Best Flower: Sunflower

Best Maya Question: Where was I before I was in your tummy? Was I in heaven?


Alice Audrey said…
There is such a thing as a best break up song? I don't want to know it.
Brenda ND said…
The Scarlet Letter was my favorite book in Middle School. Happy TT!
Rikki said…
I like your best list. I might have to steal it for an oncoming TT, if I may. Best break-up song: Yeah, that is a good one.
Happy TT!
janetfaye said…
I will have to write a list something like this.

Happy T13!
sobeit said…
Great list....my best dessert if my mom's chocolate pie. Chocolate is the topic of my TT!

Clara said…
I'm with you on Rotties and Rhubarb pie! And I love Maya's question. Great theme.
Keli said…
You know how I feel about your list (:P)but I have to say, I like this one. I love the Maya question. I agree with the prince soundtrack. I also agree with the concert! Gosh, this one is my favorite lists one by far!!
Thanks to everyone for dropping by and leaving comments. Besides the fun of making and reading the lists, I love the "stranger traffic" brought from the TT group.

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