Wild by Margo Maguire

Wild by Margo Maguire is the retelling of the Tarzan/Jane story with Anthony, Lord Sutton serving in the role of Tarzan/Lord Greystoke and Grace Hawthorne serving as Jane.

Grace is the companion to Lady Sophia Sutton, Anthony's grandmother. Jilted two years earlier due to her mother's illness by a man who has the nerve to try to court her again in the course of the book, Grace became her grandmother's childhood friend's companion at the death of her mother.

At the beginning of the book, Anthony is unwillingly brought from Africa, believed by his captors to be the long-lost grandson of Lady Sophia, who has a significant reward on offer for his return. Her son and Anthony's father, Colin, died about a year after being unable to locate Anthony, swept overboard during a storm on an African adventure.

Lady Sophia, soon to turn 80, is ecstatic at the return of her only grandchild. She gives Grace the task of "civilizing" Anthony in preparation for his presentation to society. He must also pass an inquiry from a group of fellow Lords in order to be declared the missing Lord Sutton. Lady Sophia is also hoping to get him wed and have a great-grandchild to hold before she dies.

Anthony, who believed for all of those years that his father abandoned him in Africa, only wants to return home to Africa. He has no interest in becoming Lord Sutton. His only interests are Grace, of course, and getting revenge on his relative, who helped Anthony "disappear" in the river, and now stands to inherit the title as soon as Anthony is declared dead.

While the details of the story are fairly predictable, the interaction between Anthony and Grace is memorable and pleasantly tense. Anyone looking for a satisfying Regency-era romance won't be disappointed, though the story probably won't be long remembered.

My overall personal rating of Wild is a C+.


Anonymous said…
I found a used "like new" copy for a few cents and ordered it. The Tarzan and Jane theme sold me. I have some intense thrillers coming up and need a book like this to read between them.

Thanks for your review. Guess you could say, ya sold me. :)
Sounds like you got a deal, there! This should provide a nice contrast to your thrillers.

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