Until It's Over by Nicci French

I generally enjoy anything by Nicci French, the pseudonym for married journalists and writing collaborators Nicci Gerrard and Sean French. My favorite, to date, is Killing Me Softly, which is also a 2002 movie with Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes, though the movie is different than the book. Aren't they usually?

Nicci French's Until It's Over is also an entertaining read. Written in two parts, the first told from the first-person viewpoint of Astrid, the second told in the first-person viewpoint of the murderer (you'll have to read the story to find the name), the story is about seven roommates and the mystery that develops when two women vaguely connected to Astrid, one of the roommates, are found dead in two separate murders.

Is one of the roommates the murderer? And why is s/he killing?

My favorite sections involve the story as told through the eyes of the murderer. Sample section (and something to think about if you're a woman who tends to fall for the "bad boys"):

"I'd tried nice. I'd tried considerate. And it hadn't worked. But when you were cruel, when you were indifferent, they liked you for it. If you treated them really badly, they fell in love with you. It was their own fault."

My overall personal rating of Until It's Over is a B+.


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