Night Falls Darkly by Kim Lenox

I found a new author to love, Kim Lenox. Night Falls Darkly is the first in her Shadow Guard series.

Set in Victorian London, the book opens with Archer, Lord Black, saving Elena's life. Turning the care of the young woman he now considers his ward over to his right-hand man, he promptly removes her from his mind. Imagine his surprise when he returns to London 18 months later, only to find the lovely Elena, suffering from "amnesia," living in his home--and even more fascinating than he remembered.

Throw in the fact that Archer is an immortal Shadow Guard, currently in London to find and kill Jack the Ripper, while Elena is a nurse at the Whitechapel (a familiar word if you've read about the Ripper case) hospital, and you have an extra dimension of suspense.

Will Archer be able to focus on finding Jack the Ripper while so fascinated with Elena? Will Elena become one of Jack's victims? What's really going on with Dr. Charles Harcourt, Elena's friend-who-wants-to-be-more and mentor at the hospital?

I have a morbid fascination for anything to do with Jack the Ripper, and I appreciate the handling of the time period in this work of fiction. Plus, I like the way Lenox describes the world of the Shadow Guard, something new and different in paranormal romance.

Very hot book cover, too. . . .

I can't wait to read the second book in the series.

My overall personal rating of Night Falls Darkly is a B+.


Melissa said…
This sounds really interesting. And I can't say I mind the book cover, either ;-)

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