Midnight Run by Lisa Marie Rice

Midnight Run by Lisa Marie Rice is the story of Claire Parks, a sheltered 25-year-old who is just starting to live after an adolescent battle with leukemia, and the man she picks up in a bar, Tyler "Bud" Morrison. Being a Rice novel, they spend the entire weekend in bed together. Claire omits telling him that she's the daughter of one of the most powerful men in Portland, and Tyler omits the fact that he's a police detective. Though neither of them realizes it, Tyler actually saved Claire's life ten years earlier in the line of duty.

Since Claire is actually best friends with Suzanne from Midnight Man, and Tyler and John are long-time acquaintances, there's a little overlap to the two books because Tyler stashes an unwilling Claire in a safe house when Suzanne's life is under threat from an unknown source. You could certainly read one without reading the other, still understanding what's happening, though.

So far, my favorite of Rice's novels is Midnight Man, though I'm looking forward to reading Midnight Angel, the story of Allegra, Claire and Suzanne's friend.

WARNING: Fairly steamy/graphic sex scenes in this one.

My personal overall rating of Midnight Run is a B.


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