13 of My Favorite Groups/Singers from/Dating Back to the '80s

--George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers

--Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band



--Laura Branigan

--Def Leppard

--Too Short

--LL Cool J

--Salt 'n Pepa


--George Michael

--Boy George and Culture Club



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I love Prince, and am almost sure I have all his CD's, I still love Def Leppard and just recently found a Too short CD, way old but there it was. I have Grandmaster Flash, too. The 80's were the greatest. My hubby greatly prefers I never EVER listen to rap in his presence. :)
I own most CD's by most of the others, too
I know--the best music!! And some people rag about how there was no good music in the '80s. Huh?

I think Too Short could have made way more money if his music had been a little less, um, restriction-free, leading to actual radio airtime.

And I so love Prince. :)

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