Tell Harlequin

I saw the listing in the back of several recent Harlequins about joining their reader panel, but I never got around to doing so. Then I read a post from Dani on Confessions of a Romance Book Addict about how she had received four free books to read and keep in a short time period after joining the panel.

Free books equals extreme motivation on my part. Plus, I love giving my opinion on almost every topic in the world.

I joined today. You, too, can join by going to and completing a relatively short survey about basic demographics (gender, age, race) and reading habits.

Let the e-mail surveys and free books start arriving soon!


Cindy said…
I heard about that reader program and I am a little annoyed with Harlequin. The reader program is void in Quebec. I have no idea why. Strange but I hope that you get tons of books from them. Happy Reading>
How disappointing, Cindy! I'm sorry you can't participate. Their loss to not get your perspective!!

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