Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly

In Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly, serious, hardworking Maddy Turner is approached by her half-sister Tabby to aid in preventing their latest stepmother from cheating on their wealthy father. Tabby, who is soon to be married, convinces Maddy to go to a charity auction to outbid their stepmother on the "purchase" of an international playboy.

Through a twist of fate, paramedic and all-around nice Chicago guy Jake Wallace's bio is switched with that of the international playboy. And, of course, he was interested in Maddy from the moment he saw her at the auction, so he's thrilled when she pays an outrageous $25,000 for a date with him at a Cubs game, followed by beer and chicken wings.

A cute, though slightly rocky, ride ensues with the mistaken identity, followed by Jake's decision not to reveal his true identity after discovering the error when Maddy eventually reveals that she wants to buy his services for a month of exclusivity.

If you're interested in reading Slow Hands, this is one of the free downloads from Harlequin in honor of their 60th anniversary. Just go to to find the book.

My personal overall rating of Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly is a B.


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