Need by Carrie Jones

I'm on a streak of reading YA books recently with the same basic story--young heroine moves to a new place, becomes aware of the existence of paranormal entities of one sort or another, and falls for a seemingly inaccesible guy. Of the ones I've read, Need by Carries Jones is my favorite--and, yes, I'm including the Twilight series in my comparison.

A few months after the death of her stepfather, Zara's mother sends Zara from South Carolina to live in Maine with the stepfather's mother, hoping to jolt Zara from her depression and keep her safe. A man that Zara first sees at the Charleston airport keeps appearing in Maine. He's actually a Pixie king, attempting to lure Zara to him, as she learns with a little help from her new trio of friends, including handsome Nick. Local boys are also disappearing.

Zara is quirky, chanting the names and definitions of various phobias at times of stress, and her chemistry with Nick shines. I also like the way her grief for her stepfather is handled.

The ending for Need leaves plenty of room for a sequel, and, shocking though this is coming from me since I don't care for series very much, I'm hoping Jones gives us a sequel--soon!

My personal overall rating of Need is an A-.


Cindy said…
I love the cover of the book. I will have to add it to my list to buy. Great Review.
Anonymous said…
Ohhhh, I wanna read this one sooooo bad! You are reviewing some of the best books!
This one is really worth the read, and I like the cover, too. Gold Pixie dust lips!!
Melissa said…
I've heard a lot of great things about this book. It's on my list of books to read in 2009. Great blog, btw! I'm a subscriber/follower now and have you on my blogroll. :-)
Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! I added you to my blog roll, too. :)

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