More Famous Men who Qualify as Sex on a Stick

I'm expanding my original list of famous men who qualify as Alpha hero types to me.

Again, there's no particular order here.

John Cusack
Michael Hutchence (INXS)
Jamie Foxx (Who knew before the hook on Kanye West's Gold Digger?)
Rodney Grant (Dances with Wolves and a Nebraska native.)
Rod Steiger (I see my mother's influence in that selection.)
Judd Nelson
Michael Ealy (Barbershop)
Paul Le Mat (American Graffiti)
Clive Owen
Liam Neeson

And the two best-looking, "regular" men I've seen in my life were a man in a bar and grill in Canada in 1986 and a man at a combination gift and fruit shop in Israel in 2000.


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