Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice

From the three books I've read by Lisa Marie Rice so far, Midnight Man is my favorite.

Suzanne Barron is an interior designer with a section of her building for rent in Portland, Oregon. Former Navy SEAL Commander John Huntington signs the lease for his security business and living quarters while securing a date with Suzanne. The date leads straight to sex, and Suzanne, not the sex-on- a-first-date or one-night-stand kind of a person, is mortified.

Any embarrassment pretty much evaporates when Suzanne's life is threatened by an intruder. Does she call 911? No, she calls John. From there, the two spend time alone in a secluded cabin while waiting to learn who is after Suzanne and why.

There's something really appealing about the Alpha nature of the men in Rice's books. Although I don't want quite so much domination and violence in my own life, I can see why the heroines appreciate having men willing to kill to protect them.

WARNING: Some seriously steamy sex scenes are included in this book.

My overall personal rating of Midnight Man is a B+.


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