Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long

Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long is one of a connected series of books, though this seems to be another series where you can pick and choose which books to read without compromising your understanding of events in the book you select.

I was a little slow to warm to heroine Cynthia Brightly, fallen from most sought-after debutante by the ton to disgrace after a broken engagement. Left in desperate circumstances, an invitation to a two-week country party by friend Violet Redmond is Cynthia's last chance to snag a husband.

Enter Miles Redmond, brother to Violet and now his father's heir, who fell in love with Cynthia the very first time he saw her at a ball. Of course, he overheard her rather unflattering commentary with a "friend" about her lack of interest in him as a second son, leading him to never meet her or declare his own interest.

Fast-forward to now, when, not only is Miles the heir, but he has just returned from island adventures. Could he be of more interest? In exchange for a kiss, Miles agrees to feed Cynthia important, inside information about the other eligible men at the party that may help her sway one of them to propose.

Being a romance novel, we know where this is headed, though there are some fun twists along the way. And I do learn to appreciate, not just judge or pity, Cynthia as the book progresses, as does Miles. And I found it rather interesting that Cynthia probably would have been just fine, one way and another, if she had become the wife of most any one of the eligible men at the party.

Although my first read from Julie Anne Long, this won't be my last.

My overall personal rating of Like No Other Lover is a B.


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