Free Harlequin Books

"Harlequin celebrates 60 years of pure reading pleasure" this year. In honor of their anniversary, they're providing free downloads of 16 books that capture the variety of what Harlequin has to offer.
Just go to and click on the banner at the top of the page, which is the same banner I added to this posting.
So far, I've read His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls (loved it!), Price of Passion by Susan Napier (okay), and Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf (good) for free.


Anonymous said…
Isn't that great to get free books with absolutely no strings attached? I thought they had a nice variety of titles available, too.

Hard to believe that Harlequin is "only" 60, though!
Anonymous said…
No kidding! They also have a free book on Friday. I found out when I ordered that I could get a free book with my order just because it was Friday. Way cool!

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