Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor

My daughter, Maya, is four-and-a-half years old. (Yes, the half definitely counts because she's never four, always either 4 1/2 or almost five, unless she's pretending to be six at that particular moment.) Part of the fun of being a parent to a pre-schooler is the opportunity to immerse her in reading, particularly picture books. Or, as I also say, indoctrinate her young to keep reading alive in this fast-paced world of television, video games, and the various pleasures of the Internet!

One of our current favorites is the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O'Connor. (Illustrators vary by title and include Robin Priess Glasser, Carolyn Bracken, and Ted Enik.) Besides picture books, you can find Fancy Nancy in beginning readers books and on a multitude of products, including a wonderful stationery set.
Nancy is our kind of girl--spunky, fashion-forward in an adventurous way, smart, and very much an individual. Nancy's rather less colorful parents and younger sister provide a nice contrast to Nancy. Without talking down to the young reader, new words are introduced and defined by Nancy. The illustrations are colorful, cluttered, and engaging. Everything about Fancy Nancy sparkles.
Although we haven't read a book from the series that we haven't enjoyed, our personal favorite is Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy since Maya and I are "dog people." Anything with a dog or two goes over well with us. We also like the fact that Nancy and her family adopt a mutt from the local Humane Society.
Our overall personal rating of the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O'Connor is an A.


Cindy said…
They sound look such cute books. So happy that your daughter likes them. Enjoy.
Cindy said…
Do you have the book Fashion Parade?
No, we don't have Fashion Parade yet. They really are cute books, and I love how spunky she is.

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