Evernight by Claudia Gray

[Huge thanks to Kym for pointing out that I originally replaced Bianca's name with the author's name for most of my posting.  Ugh!]

Evernight by Claudia Gray is the story of Bianca Olivier, a grudging new student at Evernight Academy, where her parents have moved to teach. Lucas Ross is the boy she meets the first day, and I don't think saying that he's her "true love" qualifies as a spoiler. Instead of their relationship, most of the book is filled with interactions with other students, Bianca's parents, the head of the school, etc. Bianca doesn't exactly "fit" at the Academy, and that's a struggle.

A few points in the book bothered me. Having parents in the teaching profession, I can honestly say that Bianca's parents wouldn't have been an asset to her in terms of her relationships with the other students by physically being there with her. Going along with her to ease her into the "real world" doesn't seem terribly fitting to me.

Also, there was a really long wait until we learn that Bianca is definitely a vampire. Even worse is the way that Lucas, who assumed she was one of the unwitting humans admitted to Evernight for the first time ever, learns the truth, though I suppose Bianca does have a point that he gets some form of retribution with the way he turns the knowledge to his advantage later.

The third glaring "miss" is that Bianca doesn't realize the problem with a story that Lucas told her about one of his ancestors. Since she didn't catch on, the truth about what Lucas is doesn't come to the forefront until almost the end of the book, when Bianca shares the story with her parents and two of her friends in front of Lucas.

The second book in the series, Stargazer, gets released on March 24, and I do plan to read that book, as well.

My overall personal rating of Evernight by Claudia Gray is a B-.


Anonymous said…
I've read a lot of reviews about this, but never taken the plunge myself...I have no idea why.
With so many good books out there to read, I'm not sure I would bother to put this one on your list, either!
Anonymous said…
I think this book is AMAZING I love it and cant wait for the sequels :)
I would definitely recommend it!
Elizabeth said…
I kind of despised this book, unfortunately. I posted a long rant over on my blog. I just found Lucas to be totally creepy. What was the deal with him wanting so badly to "protect" her?

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