Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice

Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice is the story of small town librarian Charity Prewhitt, who becomes the target of the Department of Homeland Security because of her friendship with Vassily Worontzoff, a Russian immigrant author and survivor of the Gulag. Although Charity doesn't realize it, her "friend" happens to be obsessed with her and an international criminal about to aid terrorist activity.

Enter Nicholas Ames, on a mission to seduce Charity in order to get closer to Vassily. Of course, the mission turns into an unexpectedly real, hot relationship.

I'm sorry to report that I didn't enjoy Dangerous Secrets nearly as much as Rice's Dangerous Lover. I think my main problem is because I'm a librarian, and I didn't appreciate the stereotypical portrayal of Charity. I was disappointed that Charity was described as never being busy at work, only having a bachelor's degree, and, basically, trapped. She was introverted, beautiful in a way easy to overlook, and, really, rather boring as her life revolved around books and caring for her elderly aunt and uncle. Granted, I'm in a hospital and not a public library, but that's certainly not my reality.
And I found Vassily way more fascinating than Nicholas. . . .

WARNING: While not as steamy as Lover, Secrets does have some steamy scenes.

My overall personal rating of Dangerous Secrets is a C+.


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