Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice

Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice is the story of Jack Prescott, a man haunted by his undeclared teenage love for Caroline Lake. Once a homeless teenager befriended by Caroline, Jack is now a former soldier with $20 million worth of blood diamonds in his possession and with a man he thinks imprisoned coming to reclaim those diamonds. His plan is to revisit Summerville just long enough to check on Caroline, who has gone from being the rich girl with a full life to having her parents killed in a car crash that left her younger brother paralyzed for the six years until his own death. Caroline lives alone in the shell of what was a grand home, taking boarders and running a bookstore. Needless to say, Jack arrives at just the right time to be welcomed into Caroline's life, even though he keeps his identity as her former friend a secret.

There's a nice element of tension added to the plot by covering the activities of the man coming for the diamonds throughout the book. The story of blood diamonds and the boy soldiers is covered, too.

While not the book for someone who wants a lot of character development and a romance to build between the characters before they hop into bed, this book from Rice fits the erotica form quite well.

*WARNING--This book contains graphic descriptions of violence and sex.

My overall personal rating of Dangerous Lover is a B+.


Anonymous said…
I really loved her Midnight Series. I haven't been able to enjoy her Avon Red books. Keep in mind, I've only read one.
I ordered what I could of her Midnight Series from Barnes & Noble online, so good to know that you enjoyed them so much!

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