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My friend Keli and I went to Indigo Bridges, the cute indie bookstore in the Haymarket in Lincoln, yesterday. Besides buying a couple of books, I found a cool set of postcards to mail, one at a time, to my autistic friend in Arizona, a set of mini-journals, and two different boxes of stationery.

The photo is of my daughter Maya enjoying her hot chocolate from our first visit to Indigo Bridges.

I also had the chance to get to the sole remaining location for the indie bookstore Lee Booksellers on Sunday. If I'm remembering correctly, there used to be three locations in Lincoln--East Park Mall, Piedmont, and the remaining location at Edgewood. While not so much in the cute, funky category as Indigo Bridges, Lee has a broader selection and variety of books.

Maya was with me on the Lee visit, and I bought two books for her and several individual cards for me. Yes, impossible though this may be, I'm more addicted to stationery than to books.

At this time when the big chain stores and the online outlets are struggling, supporting locally-owned small businesses seems even more important.


Could she be anymore precious? Love the picture.

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