13 Reasons I'm Writing a Romance Novel

1--I want to see if I can write a decent read.

2--If that **tch who won our ninth-grade short story competition with a story five pages longer than the guidelines allowed can get two books published, why can't I? (Yes, I still hold a grudge that her story wasn't disqualified.)

3--Published or not, being able to say that I've written a book would be Way Too Cool.

4--I actually enjoy the process of writing. I can't say that I "enjoy" most aspects of my job.

5--The characters are almost like real people, and I'm interested in where they're headed.

6--I feel like I'm stretching, or challenging, myself.

7--Inhabiting the characters' world and their thoughts for an hour or two a day is a healthy form of escapism.

8--I've rediscovered the fun of reading Harlequins in an effort at "research."

9--I want to have at least one finished book to share with Maya, my daughter, one day.

10--I ran across my name in the local public library's catalog one time for an index I edited at another job, and how much more exciting would it be to find my name in a library for something I had actually written? I might get there. . . .

11--My "readers" who are getting periodic updates as I write are pushing for what happens next, which is a good sign.

12--I have long-term commitment issues (aside from my personal relationships), so this is a big commitment for me.

13--I have to at least try.


Karen said…
Good luck with your book. Great list!
Anonymous said…
Just do it! :-)
Happy TT!
Anne McAllister said…
Just take it "bird by bird" as Anne LaMott would say. The hardest part of the first book is believing you can get all the way to the end. Once you have, you can fix anything you've written and improve it.

Go for it.
Thanks so much for the positive comments!
Jacquie said…
Good Luck! And I do agree reading the "research" is one of the more rewarding parts
Anonymous said…
I think what you are doing is awesome! Know that you aren't alone. I'm working on mine too.

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