Mail Delivery Dilemma

The USPS is hemorrhaging money. To the point that they were $2.6 billion in the red last year, when pieces of mail handled went down 9 billion from the previous year. They expect to be $6 billion or more in the hole this year, even after what will likely be a 2-cent increase in First Class stamps in May.

As a result, the Postmaster General is requesting approval to remove the requirement for six-day delivery. And, sigh, I think the best decision is to move ahead with five-day delivery. They would likely keep Saturday delivery and eliminate something like Tuesday, which is a slow mail day.

As much as the idea of losing a day of mail delivery pains me, these are tough times. We have to do what we have to do.

Might I also respectfully suggest making the salary and pension for postal workers fall more in line with real-world pay, too, though? That could make an even more significant impact.


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