Famous Men who Qualify as Sex on a Stick

As a part of our ongoing conversation about the merits of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, my husband asked me last night to put together a list of famous men, dead or alive, I think are sexy.

Okay, he may be a little suprised at the length of the list that I'm going to share with you as insight about who I consider as the male lead type for romance novels.

There's no real order here:

James Dean (East of Eden)
Marlon Brando (A Streetcar Named Desire, The Godfather, and a Nebraska native.)
Colin Firth (He is Mr. Darcy.)
Kilian Hennessy
Richard Gere
Tommy Lee Jones
Vin Diesel
Jude Law
Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street)
Mickey Rourke (9 1/2 Weeks)
Aidan Quinn (Reckless)
Al Pacino
Gary Oldman
Jason Statham
Benicio del Toro (His Doberman is named Bebe.)
Michael Sheen (Maybe I do like werewolves just as much as vampires.)
Matt Dillon
Charles Bronson (Listen to one interview where Jill Ireland talked about her Charlie.)
Christian Bale ("I've never been afraid of a little blood.")

Who is on your list?


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