One Bite with a Stranger by Christine Warren

I've been a big fan of vampire novels for a long time. Yes, way before the Twilight series from Stephanie Meyer and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series from J.R. Ward, both of which I enjoy immensely, Anne Rice books, some of which I enjoy, and authors like L.A. Banks and Sherrilyn Kenyon, who I don't enjoy at all. That's important background because not all readers enjoy vampire novels, and those that do often have particular authors they appreciate.

Fair warning: If you fall into the category of romance novel reader who prefers reading little or nothing about sex, One Bite with a Stranger by Christine Warren is not the book for you. The sex scenes are plentiful, very graphic, well-written, and very much about s & m, though heroine Regina makes very clear to lover Dmitri that wanting to be submissive in the bedroom doesn't mean wanting to be submissive in life. Fair enough.

Regina and Dmitri meet as the result of Regina's friends forcing her to experience a Fantasy Fix to help her move on from a bad relationship with a cheater. They drag her to the Vampire Ball, and, of course, like with all good vampire romance novels, Regina and Dmitri fall in lust at first sight. Throw in some drama with a female vampire with issues and Regina's ex, and you have a little plot to go with the sex.

This is the first in the Others series. Regina's friend Ava's story is due in March 2009 in You're So Vein. Since Ava seemed like the more interesting character of the two women, I'm more than ready to read her story!

My overall rating of One Bite with a Stranger is a B-.


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