How Big is Twilight?

How big is the Twilight phenomenon? While not quite the big brand J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has become, there's still a lot of interest. A search on Cafe Press provides 13,300 hits. A search on Twilight series in Google lands 1,950,000 entries, with searching just for twilight bringing 122,000,000 hits. I'm going to tell myself that at least some of the twilight entries refer to other kinds of twilight, like the place in West Virginia and the time of day.

Summit Entertainment spent $37 million making the Twilight movie. While I wish I had that kind of money in my personal bank account, that's virtually nothing in terms of a movie budget. The first weekend of ticket sales alone generated just shy of the $70 million mark. Ka-ching!

And the books are so much better than this first movie. My hope is that people are reading and not just going to the movie.

As an aside, I treated myself to one of the t-shirts on Cafe Press:

"Yes, I'm a mom.
Yes, I've read Twilight.
Yes, I'm in love with Edward.
(Don't tell my husband.)"

There are also lots of other cute options, including a tempting one with a wolf print and the question "Edward Who?" "Forget Princess, I want to be a Vampire" is another cute one. When I saw "Donate Blood; Date a Cullen," my thought was that the nationwide blood banks should try to get on the Twilight bandwagon, too, and request permission to use the popularity of the vampire genre to encouarge real donations. And, although I'm sure I couldn't get my husband to wear one, I liked the "I'm her Edward" t-shirt.


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