Twilight (The Movie)

My best friend Keli, her daughter Shon, and I went to see Twilight, based on the book of the same title by Stephanie Meyer, yesterday.

I think the movie did justice to the book. No big surprises or changes from one format to the other. I think some of the acting is a little stiff at times, and I'm not sure I feel the chemistry between the leads, Bella and Edward, the way I do in the books. I think some of the "coolness" factor of being a vampire isn't presented (think Underworld, one of my all-time favorite movies). I expected a little more of Jacob's presence in the movie, too, for whatever reason. Overall, though, I left the theater feeling mostly satisfied and not overwhelming disappointed, as often happens when seeing a movie based on a book I enjoy.

If you enjoy the books and haven't seen the movie, I think you'll enjoy the movie well enough. If you enjoy the movie and haven't read the books, you'll probably really, really like the books. I suggested that Keli skip reading the books since she thought the movie was "boring," though.

So, when is the movie based on the second book coming to theaters? I think, at least so far, that the financial impact of this first movie justifies bringing at least the second book to the big screen, if not all four books in the series. To steal a thought from my friend Kym, I agree with her that the next movie might benefit from the guidance of a different producer. I think the books could be so much more in the movie format.

On a standard A to F scale, I give Twilight the movie a B-.


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