A Little About Me

When preparing to graduate with a BA in English (not the most practical, work-ready degree, I realize) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I knew I needed to have some sort of additional education to have a career. With the love of reading and all things books, library school seemed like a logical choice. (BTW, love of reading is not a very good reason to go to library school, especially now, though possibly never, just as my library school instructors mentioned.) I went to library school at Emporia State University (Kansas) June 1993-December 1994 with the goal of working in a public library. Although I didn't necessarily appreciate all of the group work and presentations at the time, overall, that was a surprisingly happy experience.

Fast forward to now, where I still haven't ever worked in a public library! I'm a medical librarian working in a hospital setting, where I've been since 1999. (I can't think about that year without thinking about the Prince song, which didn't seem to be a problem during 1999 itself!) Work revolves around doing medical literature searching, helping people with their own database search strategies, obtaining and supplying articles, coordinating the continuing education program for physicians, overseeing the library budget, processing new books and journals, etc. In other words, absolutely nothing related to what I thought I would be doing as a librarian!

In my free time, though, I still read as many books for pleasure as I can, including books with my four-year-old daughter. This blog will contain my personal thoughts and feelings--not professional critiques--about what I'm currently reading, entries about some of my favorites from the past, and tidbits related to books, publishing, bookstores, and writing. Anything and everything of interest to me and related to books. Hope you join me!


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